Roland FR-8X V-Accordion

With the incredible new FR-8x, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power.

New Fender Standard Series Plus Top Stratocaster Models!

Everything you love about Standard Series Strats but with the added elegance of a flame maple top!

TC Electronic's Ditto Looper Comes Alive!

Ditto Looper was designed from the ground up with guitarists in mind

Zero Percent Event at L.A. Music!

L.A. Music is excited to announce ZERO PERCENT hassle free financing for 6 or 12 months upon credit approval. Call today for more details. Apply in-store or online. Hurry, offer ends May 31st, 2013. Some exclusions may apply. Offer is subject to credit approval.

Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite Electric Guitar Ebony

The Classic Les Paul with a slimmer more comfortable design.

Monday, June 27, 2011

LA Music Event Scrapbook!

L.A Music is not just a Superstore, its also a place for musicians to connect, learn and grow as artists! The LA Music team is proud to provide its community with in-store clinics, workshops and events with some of the music industry's finest musicians

Here is a look at some highlights from LA Music in-store Events!!

One of the guitar worlds most influential virtuoso guitarists Steve Vai visits LA Music

Vai first stepped into the spotlight in 1980 as a guitarist in Frank Zappa's band. But Vai's indelible contribution to music came during his solo career, which includes combined sales of nearly six million albums. His debut - "Flex-Able" (1984, self-released) – set the stage for Vai's most influential and best-selling album – "Passion and Warfare" (1990, Relativity). The album expanded the lexicon of rock guitar and ushered in an era of guitar virtuosos in the early '90s.

L.A Music was lucky enough to get Steve Vai to sign a few of Ibanez Jems and Euphorias acoustics. 

Guitarist Jennifer Batten 
(Michael Jackson's guitarist for 3 World Tours including a half-time performance which aired to a record 1.5 billion viewers in 80 nations during Super Bowl XXVII. Jeff Beck's guitarist for 2 World Tours. )

Virtuoso Ambidextrous Guitarist
Micheal Angelo Batio

In 2003, Guitar One Magazine voted Batio the fastest guitar player of all time.

M.A.B and the LA Music Staff  Meeting and Greeting at the LA Music Superstore in 2006

M.A.B Performance at the L.A Music Superstore  Location 2006
This event was possible with the help of  Dean Guitars.

In- Store Performance and clinic with influential drummer Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff in-store performance

Kenny Aronoff is one of the world's most influential and in-demand drummers. The list of artists he's worked with reads like a who's who of the music industry. 
With a style of playing that combines power and finesse, Kenny was named the #1 Pop/Rock Drummer and the #1 Studio Drummer for five consecutive years by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine, and in addition has played on over 30 Grammy-nominated recordings.

George Lynch visits LA Music to promote his signiature guitar line

George Lynch is one of the most recognizable names in the world of heavy metal guitar. With a career spanning more than thirty years, George has recorded more than twenty albums, toured the entire globe many times, and is the one of the most recognizable endorsees of the world’s finest guitars and equipment.

Friday, June 17, 2011

*NEW* from LINE 6


Revolutionary HD modeling.

Colorful clean tones that sparkle and sing with dizzying levels of detail. Crank it up for bone-crushing high-gain tones. Dial back your guitar volume to get sweet-spot breakup from warm, earthy crunch tones. Line 6 HD amp models feel, behave and sound like no others. They contain up to 10 times more amplifier DNA than our previous modeling for a playing experience that can only be described as HD.
Behind the full-bodied tone of every HD amp model is a story that’s just as rich.

22 HD models.

All POD® HD multi-effect products include exceptional HD amp models. This collection delivers the most inspiring tones based on* classic Fender®, Vox® and Marshall® amps, boutique essentials from Bogner®, Dr. Z® and Divided by 13, and more. Many of them are brand-new to POD, and all of them are necessary for recording guitarists who require a wide variety of tones.

M-class FX.

Made famous by Line 6 M9 and M13 stompbox modelers, M-class effects include popular delays, reverbs, mods, pitch effects, and more. Each POD HD multi-effect boasts a whopping collection that is easy to dial in, save, and sync with universal tap tempo. Now you can sound like anyone under the sun, or no one but you.

Not just a software editor/librarian.

POD HD Edit is a powerful and essential control panel for POD HD that’s available for download at Its separate sections for FX, Amps, Mixer and Set Lists allow you to reach deep into every aspect of your tones and experiment with sounds.

Trade-up your tone.

At, you can trade POD HD presets with other Line 6 users. Show off your creations and download to your heart’s content – it’s totally free.

Simultaneous FX

Sometimes a hint of reverb just isn’t enough. You can emulate classic effect setups or create the lushest soundscapes by layering effects. POD HD desktop offers an insane amount of sonic possibilities with up to eight simultaneous effects and flexible routing.

Dual Tone.

Want to create a unique tone by playing through two rigs at once? POD HD desktop can handle that all by itself. You can route your guitar signal through two different chains of models, pan them hard left and right, or do whatever you want. Or, using the 1/4-inch aux input or XLR mic input you can process two different input signals at once.

Built-in tuner.

Necessary, accurate, perfect. All POD HD multi-effect products come with a built-in, easy-to-read tuner. When engaged, the tuner features Audio Mute for silent tuning.

M5 Stompbox Modeler by Line 6


Supercharge your pedal board with a single stompbox! M5 Stompbox Modeler delivers 100+ gain-defying distortions, lush choruses, scintillating reverbs and other expressive effects in a single-pedal-size stompbox.
Just like the classic pedals that inspired it, M5 Stompbox Modeler runs one effect at a time. But M5 is also different – it's designed like a Swiss army knife to carve out sonic creativity one brilliant effect at a time. Dare to inspire and be inspired with its complete collection of modern and vintage effects.
Why buy another pedal every time you'd like a little extra spice? M5 is your buddy who's got the garage filled with half a century's worth of modern and vintage effects. But this time he'll loan out anything from the arsenal and never ask for it back. From the classic and timeless to the bold and esoteric, M5 has got you covered. This instant stockpile is robust, easily switchable and well known – it's the same effect line-up as M9 and M13 Stompbox Modelers.
There are no menus, saving or hassles. M5 Stompbox Modeler is stompbox simple. Tweak your tones on the fly using the dedicated knobs. When you power down your settings remain, just like a classic stompbox.

M5 costs less than a good, single effect pedal and delivers many times the firepower. It's stocked with inputs and outputs to integrate seamlessly into your pedal board, MIDI setup and live, studio and rehearsal scenarios.

Tough as nails, easy to use and ready to go, toss M5 Stompbox Modeler into your gig bag to take advantage of the single pedal stompbox solution. Save the world one effect at a time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What makes Reason unique? It's a combination of many different things, but the user interface plays a big part. Not only is it pretty, it also looks good! And makes playing, composing and producing in Reason fun, fast and efficient.

Buttons, knobs, faders and flashing LEDs – Reason's interface looks and feels like an instrument.

In Reason, the sequencer and instruments are designed by the same people. With its total integration, no configuration or connections are needed - they are part of the same package and all the parts work seamlessly with each other.

You build your rack as you work on your song. Create instruments and effects and route them any way you want to. Add, delete, replace and tweak. Your rack is what you want it to be.

Flip the rack over to access the backside with all the cables and connectors. Here you can manually route anything to anything, just like in a real studio. Or simply leave it to Reason to automatically connect all your instruments and effects, unlike a real studio.

Each cable plugs into exactly two holes, just like most real cables do. Only in Reason, you don't even have to crawl around the back side, unless you want to of course.

If it looks like a button, it is a button. If you see a handle, it's for dragging. All controls in Reason look and feel natural to work with and integrate with your favorite hardware controller.

What you see is really what you get. Reason offers everything at face value. No hidden screens, sub-menus or windows to flip through. The sequencer collects all notes and automation for each track, clearly laid out and easy to work with.

Easy to get started with and as deep as you want it to be. Many devices have macro controls for ease of use. If you want, open them up and explore and tweak all its components within.

New Products from KORG available ONLINE and INSTORE


  • Powered monitor amp; ideal for street performances
  • Built-in four-channel mixer: two mic/line inputs and two line inputs
  • XLR/TRS balanced mic/line inputs; 1/4" unbalanced line inputs
  • AUX inputs accommodate RCA plugs, mini-stereo plugs, or 1/4" phone plugs
  • Two-way power allows AC or battery operation
  • Six C batteries allow up to approximately 12 hours of operation (in ECO mode)
  • Twelve C batteries allow up to approximately 24 hours of operation (in ECO mode)
  • POWER MODE switch (Max, Eco) reduces battery consumption and current draw
  • DC9V output jack provides power to instruments such as the Wavedrum, microSAMPLER, etc.
  • Newly developed amp power supply circuit and high-efficiency speaker delivers impressive 105 dB output even on battery power
  • Three-band equalizer
  • Anti-feedback function suppresses acoustic feedback
  • Versatile body design allows either vertical or horizontal placement
  • Mounting hole accommodates a dedicated speaker stand
  • Wavedrum stand can be attached

The MMA130 powered monitor amp will bring out your best performances in any situation, indoor or outdoor. With a truly professional array of inputs and outputs, as well as a four-channel mixer, it's incredibly versatile. The MMA130 can operate on batteries, and can also provide power to your musical instrument via a 9V DC output jack. In spite of the MMA130's portable size, it boasts an astounding power amp that projects an impressive amount of volume. The MMA130's versatility allows it to excel in any situation. It's a great choice for street live performances by a keyboardist or mobile DJ, and can also be used as a stage monitor.


Supercharged to befit the name: The Valvetronix Pro Series. Introducing the newVTX150 Neodymium – the pinnacle of VOX modeling amps.
Main Features
  • VTX150 Neodymium features
  • Valvetronix Pro Series – the perfect fusion of real tube tone and VOX modeling technology
  • Next-generation VOX Valve Reactor circuit features an EL84 Vacuum tube
  • 132 Expertly voiced presets
    • 44 Song Presets: spot-on recreations of the sounds used on classic tracks
    • 44 Basic Amp Model Presets: Valvetronix amp modeling at its robust finest
    • 44 Effected Amp Model Presets: created with chorus, flanger and tremolo effects
  • 44 Distinct amp models – the most in any Valvetronix amp
    • Accurate amp models encompass the entire VOX lineage from the traditional AC30 to the modern Night Train, plus an impressive list of other hard-to-come-by classics and rare hi-gain boutique models
  • 25 In-demand, top-quality effects
    • 11 Pedal-type effects
    • 11 Modulation (chorus, flanger, etc.)/Delay effects with Tap Tempo control
    • 3 Reverb styles
  • 8 User Programs for saving your custom settings (expandable to 16 using the VC12SV)
  • Manual mode relies on the physical knob settings of the amp section
  • Amp offers Gain, Volume, and Master Volume; EQ features Treble, Middle, and Bass
  • Unique Power Level control can limit the power amp output wattage, creating distinctive power amp distortion at any listening level
  • Built-in automatic guitar tuner
  • Power level control allows you to adjust the output wattage of the power amp
  • Celestion VOX NeoDog neodymium 12” speaker
    • Powerful neodymium magnets generate volume levels unimaginable from a compact 150W combo amp
  • Extension speaker output jack
    • Connect any speaker cabinet (150W / 8Ω) to obtain up to 300W of output power
  • Effects Loop for use with an external effects processor
  • AUX IN jack lets you connect your CD/MP3 player and enjoy jam sessions
  • Headphone output simulates the acoustic and spatial character of a full speaker cabinet
  • Optional VC-12SV foot controller (or VFS5) foot switch can control many of the VTX150 Neodymium's functions

AC1RV Rhythm Vox
As its name suggests, the AC1 RhythmVOX is a guitar amp that includes some cool rhythm features. The ten Rhythm Patterns include not just standards such as 8 beat, 16 beat, and blues; but also funk, reggae, and even complex irregular patterns.

AC1RV Rhythm Vox Bass
The new AC1 RhythmVOX Bass is the highly-anticipated bass version that's designed on these same crowd-pleasing principles. Featuring a broad base of 66 diverse rhythm patterns, it greatly aids in the most essential aspect of bass playing --- keeping the rhythm. The Song pattern has been refined specifically for bass, providing a great way to enjoy jam sessions.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New from Sennheiser

In a world where low-quality side address condenser microphones are all too common, Sennheiser is proud to introduce the MK 4 studio condenser microphone. MK4 is Sennheiser’s first large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone. MK4 features a 1” true condenser capsule, optimized for project studio and home studio applications. Sennheiser designed the MK 4 to provide maximum sound quality at a very competitive price point, focusing on exactly what it takes to make an excellent studio microphone. The MK 4 is made in Germany, which is also unique at this price point. While the MK 4 is chiefly designed for professional use in project studios, it is also a versatile tool for all recording environments and even on stage. Due to its affordable price the MK4 is also an ideal choice for home recorders and musicians on a budget.
  • Large-diaphragm capsule (1")
  • True condenser design
  • 24-carat gold -plated diaphragm
  • Full metal housing
  • Capsule shock-mounted internally to minimise structure-borne noise
  • Designed for project studios and stage use
  • Low inherent self-noise and high maximum SPL
  • Made in Germany
Delivery Includes
  • MK 4 microphone
  • MZQ 4 microphone clamp
  • Pouch
  • Instruction manual

The Sennheiser E845S Pro Performance Vocal Microphone features a tight supercardioid pattern and neodymium element to let you break through the mix and get far more gain-before-feedback than with any cardioid microphone. Like the rest of the Evolution Series, Sennheiser builds the E845S microphone tough to handle the rigors of the road with aplomb. Sennheiser now includes a 10-year warranty with the E845S Pro Microphone!


  • Tight supercardioid pattern
  • Neodymium element
  • High gain-before-feedback
  • 10-year warranty

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Receive messenger bag only with purchase of a Pro Junior™ or Blues Junior™ model at participating authorized dealers


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You can easily register your Hot Rod amplifier online to receive this free gift. No account necessary; just click here and follow the instructions.
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Text “Tune Up” to 63103 to get instructions for registering your Hot Rod amplifier and receiving your free gift.
Standard message and data rates may apply.
Not available in Canada
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Download the PDF registration form. Just fill it out and send it in to register your Hot Rod amplifier and receive your free gift.

CLICK HERE to view Fender Hot Rod amplifiers from 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gretsch Catalina Maple Drumset Article by Ben Meyer

Gretsch’s Catalina line has been around for a few years now, so what makes this maple kit different from the original? Professional-quality heads, 30-degree roundover bearing edges, better hardware, and some new badge artwork arejust a few of the many upgraded features.

I was pleased with the fit and finish of the new Catalina Maples from the moment I started unpacking them. All of the bearing edges that I examined were smooth and  free of the rough spots that I sometimes find on mid-price drums. The chrome hardware looked great, and the highgloss transparent ebony finish, which lets some of the maple grain show through, was flawless. (Cherry gloss and amber finishes are also available.) The white coated Gretsch-logo resonant bass drum head really helped set off the finish on these drums.
I also noticed that the functional but generic hardware of the original Catalinas had been replaced by chunky, professionallooking Gretschbranded tom mounts and floor tom leg brackets. These additions help make the kit feel more high-end and less like a foreign-manufactured likeness of the original. I definitely would expect to pay more for these drums than their actual street price if I saw them in a store window.


As impressed as I was with the appearance of the updated Catalina Maple kit, I was really excited after I got some sounds. The snare and rack toms ship complete, so I was able to give them a good whack right out of the box. I was pleased to hear a warm, open tone from the 8x10 tom on the very first hit. The other drums tuned up easily (7x8, 9x12, and 16x16 toms are also included), and I was pleased with the evenness of the sound from one drum to the next. The toms matched each other well, and none of them stuck out as being  livelier than another, as is often the case with less expensive drums. The inclusion of Gretsch’s high-end, noninvasive GTS tom mounts definitely plays a part in this. The toms came fitted with coated single-ply batter heads and clear singleply resonants, all from the newly developed “Gretsch by Evans” line. These heads seemed very similar, if not identical, to Evans coated and clear G1s, and they gave the drums great sustain and warmth. It’s refreshing to find a major drum company selling mid-price drums with professionalquality heads.

As I expected from its beefy 18x22 dimensions, the Catalina bass drum sounded huge. Though the included premuffled Gretsch by Evans clear batter head gave it nice punch and fullness, I could tell that the drum would kick you in the gut at twenty paces when outfitted with one of the popular pre-muffled heads commonly seen today, plus a bit of additional dampening. So I replaced the stock batter head with an Aquarian Super- Kick II and added a little muffling for the resonant head, which produced the huge punch I had expected.

The 6x14, eight-lug snare sounded great out of the box. It was tuned fairly high, giving it nice sensitivity and a musical ring. After a bit of tweaking, I found
that the drum fattened up nicely when I tuned it down and applied some muffling. The coated single-ply Gretsch by Evans batter yielded a widely usable sound.

I was looking forward to putting these drums to work, and I was able to use them on several gigs where I played a range of styles, including country, rock, and more jam-oriented material. The toms’ strong Gretsch character revealed itself while I was playing a rock standard by an artist whose drummer is a well-known Gretsch endorser. It’s no small feat for a mid-price set to achieve a recognizable—and good—signature sound with stock heads and very little tweaking, but these drums did just that. This is surely due to the inclusion of classic Gretsch features like five-lug rack toms and 30-degree roundover bearing edges. The less sharp edges gave the drums a very warm sound and a bit less stick attack. The thicker 7-ply, 7.2 mm maple shells worked well with these bearing
edges, which are similar to those found on Gretsch drums from the 1950s and ’60s. All that said, these Catalinas had a modern sound that would easily be at home in any style of music.

The new Catalina Maple drums delivered strong, resonant sounds in every room I played them in, and they responded well to being muffled to suit the acoustics of each space. I’m always interested in getting non-drummer perspectives on my sound, and the engineer on the first job where I used the Catalina Maples commented that they were some of the bestsounding drums he’d heard in a while. The bandleader on another gig said he liked the look of the kit and thought the white bass drum head was a nice choice. It’s always good to keep the boss happy! With a street price of around $900, the new Catalina Maple drumset is a great
value, especially considering its solid build and great sound.